About Nick Skellon

On leaving university I spent three years as an officer in the British army before embarking on a career in sales and marketing. Over the next 15 years I enjoyed a number of roles ranging from salesman to Sales & Marketing Director, in a variety of blue-chip FMCG companies such as Mars, Duracell, Rothmans, Golden Wonder and Nichols (Vimto).

During that time I listened to hundreds of business presentations and realized that most of them were not only boring and dull, they actually failed to achieve their objectives. And so I began a personal quest to discover the Holy Grail of presenting –  a framework and process that anyone could follow to turn them from wanting to be a great presenter into being one, regardless of their ‘natural’ ability.

I’d already given hundreds of business presentation during my career but knew that wasn’t enough. So I studied the subject in depth. I read just about every book there is on the subject, studied the 2,500-year old secrets of rhetoric, watched hundreds of videos, met and interviewed dozens of the world’s best speakers, and dissected the greatest speeches delivered by great orators such as Churchill, JFK and Martin Luther King.

Most trainers on this subject look more at public speaking than presenting, because that’s their background, and it’s what they know. But there’s a big difference between giving a major keynote speech at a conference and briefing the sales guys on the monthly figures in a motel on a dismal Friday afternoon in Boise Idaho. What works on the big stage will crash in a hotel meeting room.

Because of my 15 years’ experience working for big corporations, I was able to take the wealth of information I’d accumulated and look at it from a business context – turn it into practical, applicable advice that business presenters can use in the real world.

You know how in the movie ‘The Matrix’ Neo could download any skill into his brain and become an expert overnight? Well I can’t promise you that, but I can offer the next best thing and slash the time it would take you to become a great presenter under your own steam. I’ve already done the hard work; all you have to do is take advantage of that fact.

And I’m so confident about that claim, I’m backing it with a 100%, cast-iron, money-back guarantee. Attend one of my seminars, and if you don’t believe your presenting skills have significantly improved (and I’ll let you be the judge of how to define ‘significantly’; I won’t even ask you to justify your view), I’ll refund your money. End of story.

Click here to see the seminar content for one of my 2-day seminars, and here to read dozens of articles about presenting on my website.

If you’d like to contact me, feel free to call me on 0044 7715 312366 or email me on Nickskellon@speaklikeapro.co.uk


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